French Word du Jour 7 Dec 2016

«C’était une nuit orageuse et sombre.»

“It was a dark and stormy night.”

Pronounced: {Set-ay t-oon newee oh-rage som-bra }

This is the first sentence of Chapter 65 of Alexander Dumas’s
«Les trois mousquetaires» {The Three Musketeers}.
First published in 1844.

C’était = It was
une = a
nuit = night
orageuse = stormy
et = and
sombre = dark

C’était = it was, is a combination of the words Ce = It,
and était = was. The word Ce drops it’s ‘e’ because it’s next to a word that starts with an ‘e’ (or in this case ‘é’).

storm  = orage, which contains the word “rage”. I’m not sure if this is where the word “rage” comes from, but it is an easy way to remember the French word for a “raging storm”.

Orage is pronounced: Oh-rage.



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