French Word du Jour 5 Dec 2016


Pronounced: { jawn } (The “re” ending is silent in this case.)

Genre is a word that was introduced into the English language by French movie critics. In France films and art are often seen on a more philosophical level.

In English the word “genre” (pronounced: Jawn-ra – in English) is used to describe different categories of films; Family, western, drama, crime, comedy etc.

«Quel genre de films aimes-tu?» = “What kind of movies do you like?”

Pronounced: { Kel jawn de film am-too }

In French “genre” has other meanings including “gender”.

“Gender” is important when learning French. As in Latin and the other Romance languages that are based on Latin; Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian all nouns are given a gender, masculine or feminine in French.



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